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Regional DNAs Workshop

22 March 2011 - 24 March 2011

The event brought together the Designated National Authorities (DNA) of Caribbean countries.

During the event the DNAs discussed the main challenges, best practices, needs and common frameworks for analyzing and approving regional CDM Program of Activities (POAs).

Following the results in Cancun, DNAs also discussed their further role on emission reduction regulation in the countries, especially their possible role for NAMAs.



22 March 2011  
CDM overview Miriam Hinostroza, URC
The CDM in the Caribbean and Latin America  
Review of CDM background and current status Moises Alvarez, CNCC, Dominican Republic
Insights from a national regulator - role of the DNAs (promotion and/or regulation?) Omar Rivero, CITMA, Cuba
Cynthia Córdoba, DCC, Costa Rica
Future Mitigation Options for the Region
Key outcomes of COP 16 - Decisions and tendencies related to the CDM Nitin Arora, UNFCCC
Scales and types of CDM projects in LAC Carolina Mauri, UNDP Costa Rica
Up-scaling POAs into NAMAs and potential role of DNAs Kishan Kumarsingh, Trinidad and Tobago
Designated National Authorities in the Region - So far so good? -
Experience from countries
Dominican Republic
El Salvador
Santa Lucia
23 March 2011  
Initiatives to reduce CDM related barriers in Caribbean and LA countries  
Other financing schemes
EU market favorable to LDCs
Nitin Arora, UNFCCC
Julia Justo, FONAM, Peru
Mateo Salomon, UNDP El Salvador
Existing POAs in the Region  
CDM POAs, the basics and lessons learnt
Country cases (Mexico, Brazil)
Lessons learned on PoA financing and business models
Mauricio Zaballa, URC
Luis López Martinelli, DNV
Mateo Salomon, UNDP El Salvador
Capacity of countries to undertake POAs  
Experiences and lessons learnt in the development of POAs: roles and responsibilities of Coordinating or Managing Entities
Potential for regional POAs in Central America
Potential for regional POAs in the Caribbean
Experience of LOAs for POAs
Oscar Coto/ME of PoA

Ann Gordon, CCCCC
Diana Barba, GMCC, Colombia
Group Work: Improving institutional and regulatory structures in the region for CDM participation  
Identification of key factors of enabling national policy, and institutional frameworks
Identification of host country barriers and development of country-specific solutions
possible cooperation alternatives among countries

Objectives and themes for discussion
Results of Caribbean group
Results of Latin American group

24 March 2011  
Evolving experiences with development of low carbon development strategies (LCDS)  
Overview on LCDS
Access to finance instruments and role of private sector
Experiences from countries ( Costa Rica and Colombia)
Miguel Naranjo, UNEP ROLAC
Julia Justo, FONAM Peru

Cynthia Córdoba, DCC, Costa Rica
Diana Barba, GMCC, Colombia

Issues arising from Cancún: NAMAS and REDD+

Outcomes of COP16 and their relevance for the region
Implications on the future carbon market in the region
Eduardo Reyes, Coalition for Rainforest Nations
Country Readiness for NAMAs  
What do emerging carbon market approaches (sectoral, NAMAs) mean for the region?
MRVs and its challenges in terms of data, monitoring and capacity
Role of DNAs
Mauricio Zaballa, URC

Luis Lopez Martinelli, DNV

Diana Barba, GMCC, Colombia
Group discussions:  Institutional readiness for NAMAs and REDD+  
Identifying needs for design and implement NAMAs
Exploring the role of DNAs
Points for discussion
Results of Caribbean group
Results of Latin American group


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